Is program safe now? Why comodo detect many bad things in few files of this program? Please, analyze it again.

Do you mean Comodo AV detecting it or other modules of CIS like D+?

I think AV

Do you mean you have this software on your system for a long time & suddenly Comodo started detecting it?

no, i just tried to install it.

From where did you downloaded it?

I may try to download & install it with CIS free suite latest installed.

on the main site (link in topik)

Is the detection reported as UnsafeApps?

VT Reports for MediaGet

Valkyrie Report for MediaGet

Many are detecting it as malware.

Hello, I represent a company MediaGet ( - developer of “Mediaget torrent client” software.
We guarantee that MediaGet does not contain any viruses, “worms”, “Trojan horses” or others malware, if you download it from our official site. This confirm by the fact that we are constantly working with leading antivirus vendors that their products are not determined by our program as a virus because the MediaGet isn’t virus.

I like the fact that on your site and your down loader it shows that your product is Kaspersky trusted. So I downloaded the file from the link you provide [at][url=][/url] that takes me to[url=] Apps for Internet - CNET Download. I let it download and then comodo caught 2 of the files included in the package as Unwanted/Unsafe. So I uploaded them to Virus Total.

Here are the results:

1st file libvlc.dll Result:

2nd File mediaget-uninstaller.exe Result: (Note the Kaspersky finding)

So while Kaspersky is saying its not a virus its self that it can/will download some sort of malware. So it seems funny to me that Kaspersky would approve this as a safe download then find that it has the potential to install malware on the system.