Media file support

I’ve noticed that Google Chrome can play media files that Dragon cannot. I just bought a Chromecast that allows users to stream tabs to their tv. But if I can’t open the media in Dragon, then I can’t stream it. That is why I would like to see Dragon able to play a wider range of media files.

Dragon supports the free formats that Chromium supports. To support formats that are not free, Comodo would have to pay license-fees to their respective owners, and I don’t expect that to happen.

Here is a list of supported formats: Audio/Video - The Chromium Projects

It is not fully up to date, as Chromium now also supports VP9 and Opus.

I think I might have explained poorly. What I"m looking for is the ability to open a file (that is saved locally) with the browser. When I try to use Dragon to open an mp3, for example, it offers to save the file rather than play it. :-\

No, you did not explain poorly. :slight_smile: mp3, as you mention, is not a free codec and therefore not supported by Dragon/Chromium. So, for Dragon to support mp3, Comodo would have to pay a license-fee to Fraunhofer.

Oh, I see. Well that’s a shame. At least it’ll only be a few more years until their patients expire.

Well, mp3 is not only patented, it is also obsolete and not very efficient compared to modern codecs. Vorbis and the new Opus (both free and open) are better alternatives. While that doesn’t help you much if you have a large collection of mp3-files (transcoding between lossy codecs is not very wise), but they are well worth considering for new encodings. :slight_smile: :-La