md5 for VE ??

or GnuPGP file ?

Hi Poxoxy,

Verification Engine and other Comodo products are signed using PKI based digital certificates and Windows Authenticode.

You can view the integrity of the signature in Windows by right clicking the setup and then selecting the ‘Digital Signatures’ tab. There you can view all the signature information.

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All other Comodo products display a md5 and sha1 string on the download page, as per the following example:-

Free Firewall - Download the Best Firewall Protection and Anti-Virus Scan Software from Comodo ------

Size: 18.6 MB (19,564,288 bytes)
MD5: bca11b7e7f05b428e5d096fced90b03b
SHA1: b869f828b7d521864de715cb56744ad164babe76

Why not VE ??



Hi Poxoxy,

I’ll push this one through to the web site authors for clarification and I’ll get a response for you.

However, I would strongly suggest you always check the integrity of all EXEs you install on your system via the Digital Certificates tab, this will prove the EXEs integrity and its publisher.

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Shane. :SMLR