Mcafee Configuration

Are there any pre-existing Comodo configuration files out there that I can import to setup my Comodo firewall to work optimally with my McAfee anti-virus? If not, any instructions on how to configure my Comodo so it doesn’t keep prompt whenever McAfee does something?


Welcome to the forums npatel.

Are the alerts you are getting related to the Firewall or Defence+

If it concerning Defence+, if you look in Defence+/Computer security policy you should find an entry which is related to Mcafee updater, try double clicking it and then choose the policy “Installer or updater”

If not could you give us an idea of what the prompts actually say then we may be able to point you in the right direction.


I think it might be better to set it as a “Trusted Application” rather than “Installer or updater.”
It is your antivirus, after all… It will still be denied access (invisibly) to CIS itself (you should only see it in the logs).


McAfee is on the default My Trusted Software Vendors list. That means that each file digitally signed by McAfee will get automatic rules created in the default mode of CIS.

In default mode CIS will make rules automatically for programs that are on the white list of trusted programs (that is not a public list) as well as for digitally signed executable.

Resuming, I think CIS will very likley automatically make the rules for McAfee anti virus.