McAfee cloud AV

Interesting cloud-based AV:

Actually, I can’t download it from the link above because it says “enter a valid mail address”.

Nevertheless, I can download it from the beta webpage:

So, it’s not clear to me whether it’s still on beta or not

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is another free antivirus.
It is another great FREE antivirus.

Their website is under construction so please see a copy of old one.

I am testing it for some days. I love it. It is really install&forget.
No adware, No popups, no alerts, no switch buttons, no settings.
Just BARE PROTECTION with auto-pilot.

Installed on my mom’s machine and she never felt it since I install. :-TU

Yes you are right.
And the new beta is compatible with Windows 10 :slight_smile:

But is it cloud-based or does it need to download the signatures?

It is cloud based AV. I think, it just has a “cache signature” and it keeps the latest signatures in it to protect the user even he/she is offline.

That sounds good :slight_smile:
How much space does it takes on the hard disk?
McAfee claim their Cloud AV takes around 60 Mb of disk space

Bitdefender has no such claims on disk spaces.
It is written on the page that I gave you
Hard disk space: 2 GB available free hard disk space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)

Mhmmm, if the requested disk space is so huge, I doubt it’s cloud-based only… I think it needs to download the full signature database and it will work offline, the cloud analysis is just an add-on to increase zero-day detection

Maybe but I do not have much information about Bitdefender. I am new to this and there is not much information about it on the internet to read.

Answer from Bitdefender Forum:
All Bitdefender products have a local database as well as the one in the cloud

Thank your friend, seems they have a local databse :-TU

Yes, exactly :slight_smile:
So, back to the OP, I think McAfee Cloud AV is one of the few free fully-cloud AV (the other two I’m aware of are Panda and Qihoo. The latter can be actually used either as fully-cloud or with Bitdefender/Avira local database)

EDIT: of course, there is also CCAV :slight_smile:

You forgot Immunet Free AV. It is also cloud :-TU