Maybe OT, what other security apps do I need?

I have been using CFP for several months, and I am very happy with it. However, I know there are several other security tools, and I don’t think they are intended to be installed all at the same time… or am I wrong about that?

Comodo Firewall Pro: I already use it, and it is the best thing that could happen to my computer.
Comodo Memory Firewall: Do I need it?
Comodo AntiVirus: I am waiting for the version 3 release. Currently I use Avast! Free, and I don’t have any complain about it, but I bet Comodo’s will be better.
Comodo BoClean: Since I already have CFP, I am not sure if this software would add more protection, or if it will just be a redundant utility…


You’re fine. :slight_smile: Nothing needs to be modified.


So an AV + CFP provide all the protection I need? I am just making sure I understood it right…

Well personally I believe an anti spyware is almost a MUST but seeing how you use Avast! They have a built in anti spyware and anti rootkit so you are pretty much covered on that. I might suggest downloading SuperantiSpyware free which is only an on demand scanner that you can use from time to time. I believe BOClean is a must too. It’s a great addition to any security setup and can detect rootkits, malware,trojans and anything else I may be forgetting :stuck_out_tongue: As for Comodo Memory Firewall it protects from Buffer Overflow which I have never had one, but I still use it just in case it ever happens. So really the most important thing I believe would be to add BOClean and possibly Comodo Memory Firewall.

Side note: I have used Avast and BOClean for about 2 years and Avast, CFP, and BOClean for about 1 and a half years and I have NEVER been infected without knowing it. Of course Avast has prevented viruses from being downloaded and doing harm. But not once was I ever truly infected atleast not in the past 2 years. (B)

I’ll add that CMF only uses roughly 1,500k in memory… Very low.

Well, I have had very few infections, and all of them where before installing CFP, and most important, I know exactly how and when I got infected… the only time it was not my fault, was when I was still using Norton AV and firewall… it was a VBS injection… after reinstalling I moved to avast (but I kept norton firewall, at that time I didn’t know about Comodo), and returned to the website that was spreading the malware… and Avast didn’t have any problem to stop the script.

But I feel a lot more secure now… and if I can be even more protected (maybe by installing CMF or/and BOClean), without decreasing my computer performance, I would do it.

So, now I have one opinion saying I don’t need anything else than Avast+CFP, and another one saying I would be more secure with CMF and BOClean, and maybe SuperantiSpyware… so it is a tie…

By the way, I have Spybot S&D too, but just as on demand tool, I have not enabled real time protection, since last time it gave me some problems… and it just detects some low risk cookies (tracking cookies)…

I think you shoud get SuperAntiSpyware as your another on-demand tool :slight_smile:
Avast! and CFP is really all you need to be protected and your computer running nicely and lightly :slight_smile:

I just notticed I forgot to post my computer config… and it is important if we want to consider what can be run without affecting the performance… it is a Sempron 3000+ with 2 Gb of ram (667 Mhz, dual channel), running Windows XP Pro SP2, and I won’t move to Vista unless I am forced to…

Keep on XP :), it’s way faster then Vista…

Do you have Comodo Safesurf toolbar installed, if so you don’t need CMF. Avast should be fine and BoClean will make it more complete. I think your security setup is good. Only need some reserve on-demand scanner like Superantispyware and Malwarebytes antimalware :slight_smile:


errr i think there’s no software that can be run without affecting performance ???
for once i had CFP 3, CMF,BOClean, antivir, & Spyware terminator on my XP2 core2duo, 1Gb RAM. i feel OK at that time ;D , but now that i only use CFP3 & an AV (well, i tried several AV), i feel huge difference :o

No, I don’t have the toolbar… I have been upgrading my CFP, and the toolbar is available for fresh installs only, if I am not wrong about that… however, I am not a big fan of toolbars… and I don’t need a toolbar saying of a web site is the real one or a phishing site… does the toolbar provide on access protection of some kind?

By the way, when I said “without decreasing performance”, I should have said “without noticeably lost of performance”…

Personally, I use CFP v3 (Safe Mode/Safe Mode) Firewall/Hips and Avast Home with (Standard Shield, Web Shield, Network Shield) on High. I think both products offer great protection at a great price! I will try CAV3 when it comes out but until then its going to take alot to pry me from Avast. On the Firewall/Hips side you will find nothing better than this (CFP v3). I don’t use sandboxes or virtualization software and really dont need it with this combo. I also have ccleaner run each time I start my pc to clean the junk! Been running this setup for about a year.


The only difference between what you use, and what I use, is I don’t run ccleaner at startup, just from time to time…

But… I can’t stop thinking “if comodo has so many apps, maybe there is one are I am forgeting to cover” ???

;D you’ll never get enough then ;D
even someone in this forum only use CFP3 without other additional security software 88)
CFP3 or any other good firewall + AVS (antivirus&spyware,avast covers them both).
that should be sufficient. :-TU

But… I can’t stop thinking “if comodo has so many apps, maybe there is one are I am forgeting to cover”

I felt the same way but with CFP and the settings I have mentioned, you will be secure. I had tested keyloggers, various malware etc against it and CFP caught them all. If anything got past this firewall/hips, Avast picked up the nasty. The scary thing about it is, once all your programs are learned, you wonder if everything is still working! Short answer, it is.



Is all you need. Where your CFP 3/w D+ is PREVENTION, your AV is DETECTION & Backup or Comodo DiskShield is CURE. Browsing under Sandboxie helps too, I use it and its great. :-TU


Jabbit You didn’t mention which browser you’re using,believe me that has a huge bearing on your susceptibility to online malware. I.E. is something of a lost cause when it comes to security (as attested to by Secunia),by switching to a safer alternative such as Firefox (with Noscript and Finjan addons) or Opera (Hautesecure integrated),you’ll greatly reduce your overall vulnerability footprint.If you can’t live without I.E. then you should run it only within a sandbox to cover for it’s gaping flaws.Other measures such as running a custom HOSTs file will improve security with minimal impact on resources. :■■■■

Sorry, I forgot to tell that, I am using FireFox (since there is an addon I don’t want to lose, and it has not been upgraded for v3 yet). For those sites that don’t load on firefox, I use ietabs (it loads an IE tab inside FireFox). I will try Noscript and Finjan addons, since I am not really sure about Avast! Free capabilities against scripts… it stopped a VBS once, but I think the full power anti-script feature is only available with paid version (I may be wrong about that).

When I am afraid of visiting a website, I use a virtual machine, and if I am terrified, I use an ubuntu virtual machine…

I am using Comodo Backup to protect some folders I don’t want to lose… it is a great tool (L)

Noscript will block just about any unwanted guests and Finjan scans the target site ‘on the fly’ for malicious content,using a mixture of Kaspersky AV and it’s own technology.So that way any malware has to evade quite a few blocks before it even reaches your system.

I’ve used the VMware browser app. (based on Ubuntu) on occasions and found it to be excellent.

I once tried Finjan, after seeing it mentioned on some blog. In the searches I made, it gave green to them all. The most curious thing is that pretty much were all warez sites, porn, etc … MyWOT and LinkScanner had different opinions and so had siteadvisor.

Don’t know about now… but…