Maybe a bug, maybe a feature.

CIS 6 beta doesn’t remember if you checked “Remember my answer” or not last time there was an alert (it is always unchecked). CIS 5.10 remembered that, so this could be a bug, on the other hand it can be viewed as security feature, so that you don’t accidentaly allow or deny something permanently.

I would say it’s a feature that way people don’t accidently allow something they didn’t want to allow and it be remembered to always allow it. if it is a bug then they should keep it because that always annoyed me in previous versions

How about to set it default to not remember and add an option to remember last actions if the user wants that?

I got one to add, On Maybe a Bug or a Feature.

When I wish to scan a folder. I right click the folder and press Scan with COMODO Antivirus.

Once I do that the Icon of CIS 6.0 becomes active, but sits on the bottom of the Taskbar flickering. So I have to open by hovering my mouse arrow and press left click to see what was found.

I did not see that happen ever in CIS 5.10.

Regards all



I think by default it should always be unchecked.

I like it to remember what my last option was.

i rarely allow anything anyway if i don’t set to to always remember, and the same with block.

For majority of users the default always unchecked is good.

And they can provide option for expert users in the settings.

Just my opinion.