Match of "contains cpanel" against "REQUEST_URI" required.


please why the phrasse “contains cpanel” is necessary to appear in REQUEST_URI?

meta_logdata Matched Data: /etc/ found within REQUEST_URI: /ajax.php?do=autosave
justification Match of “contains cpanel” against “REQUEST_URI” required.
meta_file /usr/local/apache/conf/modsec_vendor_configs/comodo_apache/02_Global_Generic.conf
meta_id 211190
id 128503

On a side note, this rule generating FP. the /ajax.php?do=autosave is an web based text editor (part of the popular vBulletin CMS) which i am using to publish technical posts containing phrasses like /etc

That rule requires that “cpanel” not in REQUEST_URI.

You can paste your False Positive details at proper thread and we will fix it.