Massive resource usage

After resuming from hibernation state in vista, CIS uses large amounts of ram and my system is unusable for about 2 minutes. Not sure, but it may have something to do with sig updates.

I have vista x64 sp2 with no other security software installed.

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Signature updates typically use this amount of memory. Should be no problem on your system. However driver stuff sometimes messes with hibernation and recovering from hibernation.

I don’t know how to troubleshoot this though. I have asked the other mods to take a look.

I have seen similar situations (my wife’s PC, for one). In all such cases, although CIS is using 25%, the real/underlying problem is because Windows Updates are running silently in the background. Windows Updates services are not necessarily doing anything, but somehow invisibly drain resources, or perhaps block/interfere w/CIS’ operations. This will occur even if you have Windows Updates turned off, if you have not disabled the associated Services…

When your system goes into hibernation, the contents of RAM (and possibly pagefile as well) are written to a file called hiberfil.sys. When you come out of hibernation, this has to be reloaded into RAM/pagefile accordingly. It’s possible there is substantial resource consumption by the system to do this, and by CIS to read through all those I/O streams.

SysInternals has some free tools that will allow you to see much more in depth what is happening - Process Explorer and Process Monitor are two such tools. Process Explorer is like Task Manager on steroids, and will allow you to drill down into all the sub-process/handles, etc that are in use by any application. Process Monitor replaces/brings together some older tools (Registry Monitor and File Monitor) by capturing real-time everything that’s happening.

Folks here will be happy to help you get those running and interpret the results, if you want/need such help.

On a side note, with Vista 64-bit, RAM shouldn’t pose a real problem for you. How much do you have? Have you set your pagefile to a fixed size, or are you letting Vista manage it?


Does the memory usage drop back to normal after a few minutes ?

This looks like it’s loaded twice 105MB bases.cav in memory + normal 70MB memory = 280 MB…

I have this problem also.

Last time I resumed my PC from hibernation, I had to wait 30 MINUTES before cmdagent.exe stopped playing around with the virus database. (I was not doing anything else at the time)

RAM and pagefile usage for cmdagent.exe were very high, CPU was also pretty high too.

I have since turned CAV off and am using AntiVir instead…

As you can see from here:

That this seems to be a common problem…