Mass mail alert when forwarding to a single address

Every time I forward a message to Spamcop, CAV complains that Thundirbird is trying to send mail without my interaction. This supposition just isn’t true.

I do have CAV set to watch for mass mailing, but I am initiating this transaction from within Thundirbird.

Is something broken with regard to Thundirbird?

I should point out that this occurs any time I send an outbound mail. For now, I’ll have to disable the mass mail alert.

I don’t have any issues with Thunderbird. I just forwarded some messages to an alternate email address of mine and nothing. If I can remember correctly, I did have this problem once but I can’t recall what caused it. Are you running the most current version of Thunderbird?

Just asking because I was running an old verison not too long ago…

I’m running (just checked). It can be a real pain to have to confirm every outbound message, so I’ve turned it off for now.

It may be something as simple as a configuration setting in CAV. I have not changed the defaults and am running beta 1.1. I guess I should have given the CAV version info right away.

I doubt if this will work but may be something to try. Disable the Email Scanner completely, forward one of the emails and then turn it back on. Might try it with the mass mailer also. I have mine disabled because it locks up my PC when I run outlook for work… I turned it back on to test this and it was fine…

I don’t think I changed the configuration since I downloaded it… Can’t wait for 2.0 to come out…

That didn’t correct the mass mail alert, but it did speed up the processing of outbound mail. Messages had been taking up to 20 seconds (I timed em) before CAV would process them. Now the Comodo box pops up as fast as it did immediately after the install. I dunno about that.

Did you check to see if these were error sendings? Someone else had mentioned this when they installed CAV I believe and had mass mailing warning and it was in fact the comodo auto error reporting using the email (no addys) sending many error reports or something like it. Hope this helps a bit. If so, I will hunt down the other post and see if it’s a similar cause.



Check the settings, Email Scan->Advanced. What are the check boxes selected?

“Enable mass mailer worm detection” & “Alert me if any application is trying to send mail without my interaction” are the only two options checked in “Email Scan - Advanced”

I am curious…when you run Thunderbird normally, do you ever get a box that pops up that says “Folder is already being processed”? I know I had this problem also and it was trying to send/receive from multiple accounts at once. I reinstalled Thunderbird and it went away. Then again I did have several account setup, not sure if you do.

I have not seen that dialog yet. I do use multiple accounts via IMAP though.

Interesting, although I don’t know why perhaps an IMAP config is throwing it out of whack… Anyone else running IMAP accounts?

Thanks rgreene501 for the information. Email scanner and worm blocker is designed for default protocols POP3(incoming main) and SMTP(Outgoing mail). But you are using IMAP which is not supported currently. You can check it by using SMTP for sending the mails.

Thank you, kishork.

I need to use IMAP because I never stay in one place, so I keep my mail store on the server. For now, I’ll just turn off the Mass mail detection.

You have answered my question as I use IMAP mail through my web hosting account. Does anyone know when IMAP will be supported? Until then, I will have to stay with AVAST. I was hoping to change because I had read that Comodo did not slow the computer down as much, and I am very impressed with the firewall.

Thank you.