Marketing - Updates help popularize software

Sorry, update help popularize softwares. Whenever an update happens thousands of sites downloads disclose on the home page the softwares updated… :-TU

Melih needs to take notice that there is still a strong demand for CIS as a product.
Someone needs to contact him on this matter, and being the owner of the company he certainly has the resources to solve the human resource issues pointed out by Ming.zhou back in the beginning of this year, by hiring/contract/appointing new developers to join the CIS team and bring out a new release fully compatible with Win11 ASAP.

It is just a matter of someone contacting him on this subject. CIS is a project of utmost importance to him, and he certainly would be sad to know the current state of its development.

Without updates CIS will eventually be unusable as some people with Win11 reported issues and Microsoft will eventually stop supporting Win10. The lack of Official Support for Win11 makes this situation even worse for the fate of CIS.

yeah, you’re absolutely right! :-TU