Many thanks/ Apple Macintosh related question

Hey there, kind folks at TrustFax,
Going into my second year with my account. The service works fine, until recently.
Got a local area #, have credit in my account, but sending uploaded PDF docs gets me an error code 330633.
I’m a happy camper with an Apple G4 IMac with OS 10.5.8 and Camino browser, used Camino ( mozilla product, gecko rendering like Firefox, updated to v. 2.04pre nightly build, equal to Firefox v. 3.1 ) all last year, 2008 with great success.
I read other posts from Mac users with similar questions, solution for them is “use Firefox” with Tustfax account. Is that my recourse ?
Many thanks, otherwise. Trustfax is a really great service. We’ve sent many documents back and forth this passed spring when selling our house.

Much health and happiness to you and yours

Although the camino browser is based upon mozilla gecko it has subtle changes that causes issued on a
MAC. That error is a camino browser error code.
TrustFax supports Safari, Firefox and Chrome on the MAC OSX platform. Try using one of those browsers