Many question for first time user

Hello to everyone
I have some question on Comodo Unite…I make only one 3d so…start

  1. I install CUnite on 2 PC, one whit Seven 64bit, one whit 8 64bit
  2. I make 2 registration whit 2 different user and pass
  3. Pc whit Seven create new network
  4. Pc whit 8 connect to the network (by user and pass)
  5. Now I can see the pc on the network
  6. Pc whit 8 have no ip in my Seven CUnite client
  7. I start the service, reboot the Seven pc, configured Cunite for autologin but if I don’t make login “Win8 PC” see my “Win7 PC” Offline…why???’

so the question is?
Why “Win8 pc” don’t have IP on “win7 pc” Cunite client?
Why Win7 appear offline if I don’t make login on windows?
Thank you :slight_smile:

not sure c unite support win 8. so this might be a problem here.

ok for win8…
but why I can see the presence of Win7 pc on CUnite network only if this pc make logon on user profile? :frowning:

have you configured unite to use service ?

i think yes

I have a doubt…

I have to use username and password of windows logon?

nope, no need.

ok i make mistake somewhere…why if i don’t make login on windows i’m not available?
I follow the guide but nothing change

and you do have administrator privileges on account you want to do it ? log on on windows.

yes yes it’s an administrator account :cry: