Manually-Sandboxed Comodo Dragon & Internet Explorer - Testers Needed!

Hi Guys

I’m not too sure if it’s a bug in CIS 4 or a bug in Comodo Dragon, If you manually sandbox Comodo Dragon i.e put the programs executable in “Programs in the sandbox”, And set the restriction level to either the default (limit), Restricted and Untrusted… It’s impossible for Dragon to even attempt to connect to the internet. However, Internet Explorer works fine.

I’m not too sure if this is a issue with Comodo Dragon, or CIS 4 it self - Hence I need other users testing and feedback as well.


I also experienced that. Somewhere in the forum (maybe beta corner) I read about it, it should be known issue.

Yes, it’s a known issue:

We are aware of some applications that do not work if sandboxed unless the restriction level is set to unrestricted e.g. Google Chrome

Thanks Jowa. Missed that.