Manual vs automatic install???

Hi :slight_smile:

I just installed Comodo (free version) Firewall on my third pc, and this time I thought I’d save some hazzle by choosing automatic.
But, now I’m not really sure what that means. Its blocking some programs/services (for example a sshd-server I run) without even showing logs for it. It just stopped it from starting.
Also Internet Explorer was allowed automatically, though it wasn’t even shown in the Application Control (after a reboot though it did show up there among some other apps).

Anyway, to allow sshd-service, since it wasn’t shown anywhere in Comodo, I had to disable firewall, reboot so the service could start, log in to the ssh-server from another pc, and then when it popped up warnings I could finally choose allow.

I dont know if all this is due to the automatic install I choosed this time. I’ve looked around but I cant find a way to put back to manual anywhere.

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Nope, it still doesn’t allow that Openssh-service to start. Now I’m uninstalling and reinstalling and setting everything to manual so I can have some control…