Manual Virus Signatures Download

Is there anywhere on the website where one can
download the virus signature updates manually,
much like that in Norton, just in case the usual update
feature in the “Status” window fails to work or connect ?

I activated Comodo today, and when I tried to update
vide the application window, it started downloading
the program updates, but mentioned that the virus catalog
updates had failed to download.

However, when I restarted the update feature again, it
checked and mentioned that everything was up to date,
so I guess the notice above was faulty.

Secondly, there could also be a setting for reducing system
resources when doing a manual scan, much like the “low priority”
button in Antivir.

Thirdly, Comodo’s engine looks well-designed, though somewhat slow,
but the virus signature database looks insufficient. The total number of
viruses detectable is currently some 177,000. This compares with
some 400,000 in Bitdefender and 700,000 in Antivir.

An antivirus program, no matter how efficient the engine, is
only as good as its “ammunition magazine” - the virus database.
This is much akin to a radar jammer on board a combat aircraft.
The jammer is only as good as the radar signature database
programmed in its detection software - that is, the total number
of search, tracking and missile launch radars it can detect,
and which its jamming hardware (akin to the antivirus program’s
scan engine) is totally reliant on.


There is currently no way to download the virus definitions manually however this is not to say that there won’t be in the near future.

What beta version of Comodo Antivirus are you using?


… and after some six months from the first post , I repeat the same question hoping that it might be possible now to download updates and install it on machine that has no internet connection.

So is it…?

Not at this point in time. Comodo are working on several other products which may help though. There is a management console in development, and distribution of updates across a LAN was one of the features that was nominated in the initial design discussions. Whether this feature makes it into the release is as yet unknown.

Before you ask, no I don’t know when the console is scheduled for release. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Personally, I don’t allow manual updates for any security software on any network I work on. EVER. If the update has not come on a direct transmission path from the authors/developers to the application, then I can’t trust it and don’t want it. Just my personal opinion.

IMO Manual Virus Signatures Download is a feature that have must be have by anti virus program.
Because there are many anti virus user that their computer don’t connected to internet but they do file and folder sharing from one computer to another computer through removable media like flashdisc, usb drive even floppy disc. Although their computer not connected to internet, but they can surfing internet in a rental / internet cafe. If a Virus Signatures can be downloaded manually, so they can update their anti virus.
Because CAVS don’t have a Manual Virus Signatures Download, I can’t recommended this anti virus to my friend, because they don’t have internet connection, and they usually going to rental to print their document or searching document/program from internet in rental cafe, and in the rental (usually printer rental) there is many virus (usually virus that attack microsoft ofiice file) that can infect their file. So they need an anti virus that virus signature can be downloaded manually. Anti virus they used mostly are AVG free that can be updated manually.

Sorry for my bad English.

And if the updates are occasionally massive, it would be helpful for those on dial up with access to another machine with a faster connection.

There are viruses which interfere with the network connections, so if it is impossible to download the latest signature file, scanning can only be with the signature built in to the setup file - which currently is nearly 12 months old. Would it not be possible to update the setup file with the latest signature file? - even if not every day, at least at intervals low enough so that a scan is not going to be virtually useless.

The only trick I know to bypass this is just copying the database from 1 pc to the other


and where can i find database to copy?