manual update

when i click on the updater it stops at 52%. any idea why? Im using version

As you can read in a lot of threads here, there is some problems with the servers.
You can try it tomorrow and see if Comodo has solved the problems.

thanks!! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.
If it doesn’t work, and the auto update annoys you, you can turn it off today, and enable it tomorrow and hope they have added new servers.

I am also having probablems getting it to update. Is it safe to continue with the current version or should I install the new version?

Oh, version is certainly safe to continue to use!

Version 2.4 has added 13 languages, for multinational usage.

It has some other relatively minor improvements or tweaks to functionality, performance, etc. However a couple things (as has already been noted) have been removed until the next version.

I just downloaded 2.4 from the main website, and had no issues…