Manual synchronization?


I have latest version of CB on Win XP Pro to backup my documents, my pictures, etc. (approx. 90GB) to external hard drive. I have created sheduled “simple copy” job (manual - I want to synchronize the backup with source only one time in month, and I preffer manual start). After 6 hours job finished successfully. After that I have added few more small files to my documents and run (button: “Run now”) the job again (I wanted to synchronize my backup with few newly added files) but after few more minutes, in preview window i see that CB starts backuping from beginning (all the files in source) but I dont wont too wait another 6 hours. So i have few questions:

  1. How to setup this job to synchronize backup on my demand (manualy) only with new files?
  2. If the existing file in backup is later deleted accidentally in source folder, on new syncronization I want to leave this file in backup (saved) untouched. How to do that?
  3. If the file with same name exists in backup but in source is with different size or date, can CB prompt or rename the new file?

Thank You!

I still have these problems… can anyone help me?


We still have some issues with sync in CB 2.2
The next release will fix these problem.