manual sandbox test

Could someone test Comodo manual sandbox?? i.e. run the browser in the sandbox and test if it’s safe, just like testing sandboxie…I don’t know why no one wants to try this…
Normally testers say “I want to try only default settings, because the average user is able to use only them”.
But what’s the point in having a lot of features if you don’t use them??
Now I’m using sandboxie…a very powerful tool in my opinion…I know that, in theory, comodo manual sanbox should be effective like sandboxie (even if you can not recover files…and many other sandboxie-like features are not available).
Then I’m asking if someone, youtube tester…can evaluate this my suggestion: please test comodo MANUAL sandbox, and let us know how effective it is…

Thanks :wink:

i dont upload videos to youtube but i can test your request but i first need to resetup my vm

thanks…I’ll wait for results… :slight_smile:
I also hope that someone will share on youtube this test…soon or later

are there any settings you want changed.
ill be running cfw (no av since im just testing sandbox) 5.8 proactive security
sandbox partially limited with IE8
windows 7 64 bit

well i just did a quick test with the settings i mentioned above.
i put ie8 into manual sandbox on partially limited. went to malc0de and MDL and ran around 30 zero day malware. once i was finished i rebooted to clear out the sandbox and ran a malwarebytes scan and it found nothing. there was nothing running in ram on reboot but my homepage was changed.

the manual sandbox works very well it just needs more work which is being done for v6

I appreciate your availability.
Seems that manual sandbox is working welll…but your home page was changed…mmmm…then something went out of the sandbox, modifying your browser settings…perhaps because of the partially limited setting, but, in theory, if you run something in a full virtualized environment…nothing should change outside…am I right? ???

that sounds right to me. it was a small change but if everything is virtualized nothing should have been changed. it might be a bug but i dont think its worth filling a bug report since v6 will improve the sandbox and im sure this will be fixed

What home page was modified? Was it the IE8 sandboxed or IE8 “real”? If it was the IE sandboxed then it is normal.
Did you delete the contents in “VritualRoot”?

i redid the test and recorded it. its rendering now then ill upload it and share the link here.i would upload it to youtube but its around 26 mins.

the video doesnt have the best quality cuz i wanted to keep the file size small. i know some of you have slow internet connections
its about 20mb

Thanks, downloaded and watched the video… :wink:

no problem