Manual Launch

I would like to launch AV and FW only when I’m online, and stop them when I disconnect. Is that possible?



Welcome, krcmd1 (:WAV)

Do I presume you’re on dial-up?

And what are you trying to accomplish? (saving resources, etc…)


wireless or LAN cable.


Are you physically unplugging or disabling the network connection?

At any rate, CFP is resistant to manual operations. While you can technically disable the boot start and application after login, it won’t function properly as the drivers are still active. It is designed to resist termination by malware, and is very thorough at doing so (almost as thorough as resisting leaks…).

If you have no physical connection, the FW should use little resources, as nothing would be happening; no logging, etc (unless you have some malware, that is, that’s trying to get back out…). There are a couple options to go even further with it.

If you open the context menu from the systray icon, select Security Level, and then Block All, this will shut down all potential traffic.

You could also, from the context menu of the systray icon, select to Exit the firewall. That will shut down the user interface, logging, etc ~ everything you, as the user, interact with. The kernel-level drivers are still active, though, but again, without an internet connection there’s no activity to be consuming CPU cycles.

Hope that helps,


Thanks, it helps a lot.

No problem; if you have any further questions about it, just ask…