Manual Launch [Resolved]

I would like to launch AV and FW only when I’m online, and stop them when I disconnect. Is that possible?



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Do I presume you’re on dial-up?

And what are you trying to accomplish? (saving resources, etc…)


I’m online only a fraction of the time I use the computer. The rest of the time AV and FW slow my machine down. I use Thinkpad Access Connections which can launch applications before connection to the internet, so I wondered if I could skip the AV and FW boot launch and only launch before internet connection.

If I wanted to disconnect from the internet, I’d need a way to innactivate AV and FW without rebooting.


Ken Cohen

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For the AV, you can disable the startup entry by going to Start/Run, and type in “msconfig”. Go to the Startup tab, find the entries for Comodo Antivirus & Antispyware (there may be a couple) and uncheck those boxes. Select Apply, then close and reboot.

At that point, CAVS won’t run on bootup/login. You can start it manually from the desktop icon/quicklaunch shortcut, etc.

When you go to shut it down again, you can do so from the systray icon, via the context menu. If you’re using the current Beta 2.x, you’ll need to disable the HIPS via the context menu first, then you can Exit the program entirely (if you just Exit, the HIPS will still be running).


Thank you!

No problem, glad to help.