Managment of Antivirus/Firewall under Windows 2000


Can/will CESM manage Comodo AntiVirus? This is very relevant for my Windows 2000 machines which, to my complete shock, I have just found out that Comodo has dropped support for in thier desktop product CIS.

It is very important I feel that Comodo maintains support for Windows 2000 and many small buisnesses still use this OS on machines for specific purposes.


Windows 2000 has become outdated and superseded by newer OS from M$. Even M$ is dropping support of this OS. (check out Wickpedia)
You cannot expect all other software vendors to maintain support on seriously outdated OS.
Time to upgrade.

I’m sorry but I, and hundreds of thousands of Win 2000 users, would disagree with you. Windows 2000 is still a viable operating system and will be supported by Microsoft well into 2010. I suspect that this will be increased as the time approaches and ther are rumer that support will run until 2012 - that’s 4 more years of potential use - after which self help support will continue for many years to come.

It may not cut it as a full featured desktop operating system any more, but it is very stable, quick, has a small footprint and runs a huge range of software, and for certain tasks it is simply nothing more than perfect. A LOT of small business use Win 2000 Pro and server editions as file servers or as single use machines. We have many Windows 2000 specific machines running as Video Conferencing end points. That is there single job and simply upgrading the OS would result in many tens of thousands of pounds of needless expenditure in licensing and man hours for re-configuration.

There are too many Windows 2000 users in what would appear to be Comodo’s core user group to simply ignore.

Windows 2000 is still a viable operating system and will be supported by Microsoft well into 2010.
I wouldn't call the "Extended" lifecycle one of "Support." All they're doing is continuing to offer security patches.

I’m not saying W2K is a bad OS, just that I personally wouldn’t be looking in that direction for a long-term solution. MS defines the lifecycle, and right now it’s apparently on “life support” until they pull the plug… But hey, we’ve still got a couple W2K boxes, so until we upgrade those, I’d like CIS to run there as well (but I don’t think Comodo’s going to completely rewrite the code).