manage my home pc from work

I’ve tried Comodo Unite to remote control my home pc, I install and set the logon as service and everithing is ok but when i logon on the other pc I see NameOfRemotePc (service) connecting …

and there is no way to have remote control …

any idea?

sorry for my english and greetings from Italy

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firewall protection ?

Hi Iromagnoli,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You say in the title that you are trying to connect to your home PC from your PC at work.

Does your PC at work connect to the internet through a Proxy Server?

If so, I have found that Unite will not work through a Proxy Server and as szametu states:-

it could be that the Ports used by Unite maybe blocked ( closed ) by your company :cry:

If you are only wanting a remote control connection to your home PC from Work, then why not try Comodo LoginPro ?