Malwarebytes vs Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Hi to all,

As a second opinion scanner, which one you think is best in terms of performance and threat detection? :-La

Malwarebytes or Emsisoft Anti-Malware?

every tool is specialized -most of time- for one task.
for a second opinion scanner, i will take crystal ! -performance & detection-

I will test soon. I visited the official website and it looks interesting. :slight_smile:

merke, the detection rate is good?

give it a try and tell us what you are thinking about it please !
the detection rate is very good

IMO Emsisoft for detection and Malwarebytes for performance. Emsisoft use 2 AV engines while Malwarebytes 1. Having said that Malwarebytes have a very high threat detection still…

i do not know emisoft but malwarebytes helped me several times

Already installed and it is always good to add another layer of security in the system. I now saw the official thread with the updates that the developer put here, it demonstrates a democratic forum and enriching discussions 8)

I’m testing both tools, only thing is that this new version Malwarebytes seems a little heavier. I believe it will gradually correcting, but showed great detection here. :-TU
Thanks Seany007 for the info about engine.

i like the report done after using crystal : better informed better protected
i appreciate your opinion about this new tool.
About malwarebytes ; for xp it was “top” but what about 7 or 8 ? same thing for emisoft … of course you could answer that it is a question of database and not one of operating system _ i, i thing that new O.S means another threats and another tools …
So, a comparison between the both, without speaking about threats and O.S, is a little border-line.

i am using malwarebytes antimalware free version and it showed me that it caught a torjen, that avast latest free version and cis 7 latest version did not able to caught.

I’d go for MBAM.
EAM for full protection most likely.

Both tend to sometimes detect different things.

I’d recommend using both MBAM free and Emsisoft Emergency Kit free (doesn’t even need to be installed) as a second / third opinion.

Both are not too good at detecting adware, unfortunately, so I’d recommend AdwCleaner as a fine third addition.

Kind regards, REBOL

Thanks for the recommendations :-TU
They are useful and increase the protection. :slight_smile:

Thanks, jhkmaster, you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Just in case you’re interested:
I really do like the statement policy of Emsisoft, they’re very openly and directly talking about certain things.


We are loyal to our customers. We don’t track their info, we don’t share their data, and we don’t betray them for a quick profit made through nasty toolbar bundles or for governmental interests. We simply offer efficient Anti-Malware, for your computer and you.

Whilst their very last claim quoted above certainly cannot “be proven” or be taken all too serious in our times, I do like such official statements / company CEO driven commitments as theirs, regarding a certain kind of transparency politics towards their users which means: I do absolutely appreciate their overall “behaviour”. :wink:

Kind regards, REBOL.

hello, i tested a lot of those anti-malware aplications,
mawarebytes found nothing,
I’ll go for Sophos as it found 2 bad things as no other found anything.
It’s a very simple application with no option, you scan and that’s all.
then you decide to clean or not.

I tested here (Sophos) and found that has a good detection rate. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestion :-TU

Got a problem with Sophos virus removal tool,
it doesnt update anymore as i installed it few days ago.
they say it will update for 3 months…
it always says : failed to update.
i downloaded updates files from their website but that’s annoying, the update thing doesnt work here…

anyone had the same issue ?

update : I’m testing panda cloud AV free also, to see how it is.

This problem was apparently solved. :slight_smile:
Today I performed the update normally.