Malwarebytes scan shows Geek Buddy Registry entries as threat

Let me start by telling I use free Comodo CIS on my laptop at the moment.
As a translator (Dutch) I do have a License key for my desktop.
This is a Vista Laptop with Comodo 10.0.0
As this is Free Comodo I cannot use Geek Buddy so I uninstalled it with Revo Uninstaller

I ran a MalwareBytes Scan today and got 5 threats concerning Geek Buddy - see joined text.

Is this normal?
I did not yet put anything in quarantine

MBAM has been flagging Geekbuddy for years now,this behaviour is not exactly new,other sec. products will also flag Geekbuddy,however you can stop MBAM detecting these progs,by turning of PUP detection in MBAM settings.

Regards M3T4SP01LT

I like Malwarebytes ! But since the trouble with IObit, Malwarebytes has also marked many (all?) programs of those as PUP . There is no reason to worry about it . Don’t care about such questionable classifications !!! :wink:

I love Comodo and also like Malwarebytes. In a way I think they are right about Geek Buddy. I think Comodo should propose Geek Buddy as an option and not push it with every installation.
Some say the option exists but I did not see it when installing latest updates

In the case of Geekbuddy it’s just a definition problem . In the case of their trouble with IObit it isn’t !
IObit has stolen their malware definitions and used them for their own antimalware solution . Since this incident, malwarebytes recognizes all IObit products as potentially malicious . Generally, malwarebytes is absolutely right , but programs should only be evaluated according to their potentially risk !!! In my eyes , judicial disputes are a quite different thing !