malwarebytes antimalware found these

malwarebytes antimalware found these –

C:\WINDOWS\rundll16.exe – Fake.Dropped.Malware
C:\WINDOWS\system32\vcmgcd32.dll – Trojan.Agent
C:\WINDOWS\logo1_.exe – Worm.Viking
C:\WINDOWS\system32\systems.txt – Trojan.FakeAlert

are these malware or false positives. what should i do??

Upload the files here.

I suggest scanning them with any other Anti Spyware or Anti Virus you may have and possibly a good online scanner such as Nod32 online scanner ESET Online Scanner | ESET You Can only run The Online Scanner in Internet Explorer.

all the 4 folders are empty. what should i do??

Delete 'em. :slight_smile:


sure i should delete them. i dont know much about computers so i am asking this coz i know the folders are empty but the name of the folders are related to windows i guess and the detection may be false positiveas and as i said i dont know much about computers, i am little concerned, so sure i should delete them, deleting them will not be a problem.



Can you give us a screen shot of the empty folders? Or name them please. Then we can verify if you can delete them or not…


as i m new so i dont know how 2 upload the screen shots but yes the name of the folders are –

folder name – rundll16.exe – in c drive in windows

folder name – vcmgcd32.dll – in c drive windows system32

folder name – logo1_.exe – in c drive windows

folder name – systems.txt – in c drive windows system32

i should delete the folders or those are just false positives

press prtscr key, it is located near F12 key.
then on Start menu/run ==> type: mspaint , and then press enter key
on mspaint, click edit/paste

save the screenshot as .jpeg or .png file. there you go.
then you can attach the screenshot directly here

strange!!! today again i scanned with mbam without updating it so that i can upload the screenshots of the detected items but you know what guyz, today it didn’t found anything. huh, now whats this???