Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware [Discussion]

If you already have this just click update and it will update your version. If not this is an awesome product to have for an on demand scanner.

Problems Fixed

* (FIXED) Problems with progress bar flickering on Vista.
* (FIXED) Minor bugs when trying to update multiple times.
* (FIXED) Problems registering product on Unicode systems.
* (FIXED) Highly optimized GUID scanning.
* (ADDED) Support for Slovak and Norwegian languages.
* (ADDED) Log file name and save date to log file.
* (ADDED) Better detection for Vundo leftovers.
* (ADDED) Better rootkit detection with heuristics.
* (ADDED) New command line parameter: /register. See help file.

Mod Title Edit: Just remove the version # to take care of the version update “problem” :stuck_out_tongue:

I have only heard off this program, Until a few days ago.

Vettetech, What do you think about this program?


Its awesome. Been using for awhile now. It doesn’t run a backround service if you only use it on demand. Updates in seconds. I still use SAS also.

I might give it a try…


Thanks for reminding me Vet,ive just reformated and i forgot about MBAM.Its a nice little app,but why did they change the shortcut from a sabre toothed tiger to a box with an M in it.

Not sure Matty but I only use it on demand so I never see the tray icon. "M "looks better. It also incorporates into the shell.

!ot! Hmmm, I really don’t see reason for running so much AS programs, either inactive (as on demand), it cant hurt I know but it seems to me like obsession, isn’t it?
Do you ever find something with them? !ot!

No its not obsessive. Its only on demand and its free. I scan once a week with SAS and MBAM. Nothing wrong with that.

And did you ever find some malware with them?

No but then again I have never been infected with anything in over 5 years now. But how do you know your infected unless you do a scan. Never hurts when its free. Correct.

it sure is a nice app i was using webroot and it just killed my sys it just made it s l o w i also use SAS both Mbam SAS are on demand. i do not think it’s over kill to have them i kinda look at it like i do CMF i have not got hit by BOF but if i do CMF is there. i have other things in place also and has no affect on my sys what so ever.i have not found nothing with them not evan a cookie in FF/IE in a long time but will keep them just in-case i ever need there service.

MBAM is suddenly pulling up WWDC by gkweb as a Trojan.It never used to,anyway pretty sure its a fp.Just let them know.Checked it with several online scanners and its ok.
So if anyone else runs into this they should be sorting it.


Downloading it now for testing purposes…

If it proves useful, I will keep it :slight_smile:


Concerning previous post,after contacting MBAM,false positive was confirmed and fixed within 2 hours :-TU



I really like this!

I think I might keep it :slight_smile: Very, Very stable & effective.


MBAM is really a lean and smart prog, with multiple updates a day.
If they continue to expand their still rather small database, I think this could become a little fighter in the freeware world.


(:s*) (:s*) (:s*) (:s*)

Having used MBAM to clean up a number of infected systems,in my experience this is a great product with a high detection rate for prevalent malware. :■■■■

I like malwarebytes antimalware, but they really need to do something to their update as you always need to download the database again now :(.

(btw : what about changing the title as it’s in v. 1.17 now 8))


they really need to do something to their update as you always need to download the database again now

Errmm. Maybe I am too silly to understand what you just said?


Did you mean they should use incremental updates at this early stage, where their database is still below 700 kb?


Title is duly changed although no doubt version 1.18 will soon follow (:LGH)

This company certainly takes the term ‘active development’ to a whole new level,I suppose once the database is increased to the level the developers intend,the updates will be less prevailent. There do seem to be a lot more frequent ‘full updates’ right now.:■■■■

From what I gather though I don’t expect to see a huge database since they seem to be targetting the most active malware that’s in the wild rather than including stuff that’s not a current threat.