We had BOClean, but it seems to be DITW. I have just had to use a FireFox addin to stop a really nasty malware ( All this does is top it in FF, but the evil POC is still there on my PC. I wish I could sit happy with CIS++ looking after me.


Doesn’t seem that hard to remove judging by How to uninstall (remove) | Free Uninstall It™ .

Do you have an installer that installs this badware alongside another program? Then please submit it to Comodo.

Thanks for the reply.

I ran SpyHunter 4 and it found a heap…but not Newtab Club. It took hours to check. You have to buy to do any removal. When I get some time I will try one of the other ones.

I have no idea if I have an installer that did this. I assume I have, but by nature of these many are secretive. Sorry.

Trying to dl Malwarebytes Antimalware, the third one suggested, resulted in an ad page, with what seemed no way past. Comodo detected malware! :o

Not so easy it would seem is now a serious pest. if I try to set option, I just get newtab.

I would stay away from Spyhunter 4.

It would be great if you could find it and submit it to Comodo so it will help other users from being infected by this in the feature.

Some other tools that might work.
(i havent seen b4, so cant confirm if these tool will work)
I would recommend you do a system restore point b4 every tool.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Junkware Removal Tool
Zemana AntiMalware

OK. Thanks for the replies.

Firstly I have no idea how to find the source of this. Do not even know where to start. If I knew that, I may not be here! :slight_smile:

However, I used Zemano and it found and removed It is a paid programme if you want its full power and more than a time trial.

Junk Remover tool is BTW now discontinued, replaced by ADWCleaner, from the same organisation.

But then I faced a problem. had gone from IE, but was still interfering with Firefox. Apparently the calls it made were still stored in FF’s profile. So it would still seem to be there, but FF was unable to search at all. I created a new profile, losing all my settings, passwords etc and it went away. I was offered less brutal methods, but IME with Windows one can spend hours trying finesse when I simple bludgeoning is best! 88)

I also have a question:

If I do find the source of, it will most likely be a freeware or W.H.Y. Finding one such source is surely not going to stop infection is it? Can’r be found by Comodo the same way a malware application finds it; the entity itself, rather than the source?

IIRC Comodo had a malware section that is now gone…

I installed Youtube downloader that installed pup on my virtualbox, i submited that pup file to comodo and a pup signature was created for it, next time i installed the Youtube downloader, the pup was quarantined during the install.