Malware.Win32.CodeAnalyzer!cobra (v)

…should this concern me?

No this should not concern you. It is what is called a “False Positive” Why Sunbelt has this false positive I am not sure. but what I am sure is that this is nothing to worry about at all and is 100% clean. (:WAV)

…figured as much…thanks for the reply.

Maybe that is the reason why VIPRE messed with CMF when I tested it.

I could no longer close the command line by writing exit. I added CMD.exe to exclusion list and then I could close it.

The funny thing is that VIPRE never alerted for the existence of “malware” related with CMF.

This is just a heruistic’s false alert

If you downloaded this from here
and checked the checksum there is nothing to worry about.

To DarkButterfly, that’s funny i have the same problem with the combination CFP and CMF, so it also bites with VIPRE and CMF, i’ll see if i can get this info further up…