Malware Tips!!!!

Alright, here’s a new site for everyone to check out. This is a VERY well put together site with unlimited potential that is just begging for new users. It’s a security forum plus a bunch more. I’m honestly asking all my Comodo buds to come help me out here! Melih, I mean you too! ;D

REGISTER & let’s extend our reach!

Registered. :slight_smile:
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to make it a carbon copy of this one. ;D
[s]Opera crashes on the submit new reply part. :frowning:
Need to use Chromium. :-[/s]
It’s been fixed.

Okay, I will take the time to register and check it out. Is/Does this site belong to you then or are you just trying to put some life in the place with good hearted users like us. :-TU

Exactly, it doesn’t belong to me but we always need good users like you guys. ;D

Looks interesting. :wink:
Registered. ;D

Great, I look forward to seeing as many Comodo users as we can get. ;D

I didn’t know what name you used on those forums when I registered so I didn’t list you as referring me. Sorry.
Since I was the first person to be reffered by you, and by the fact that no-one has registered since without being referred by you, that means that you have referred 5 users to Malware Tips forums so far.

You use the same name on every forum?

I’m only listed as referring 2. >:(

Yes, I use the same name on every forum if you were asking me.

You should have given your referral link. That is what I did, and I got 7 8 referrals. :a0

Yeah, I did it so quick I didn’t even really know how the forum technicalities worked. 88)

I got 0 referrals, but then again I haven’t posted my link. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here! :slight_smile:

Hopefully this could be a better alternative to Wilders. I sign up soon, ill let you fight over who gets the referral lol.

Well I did “let” you invite me somewhere once… ;D

Seriously, come on over. Laser won’t mind. >:-D

Someone should list me as their referral.

That way I won’t be completely left out. >:-D

You have to be more pushy like me. 88) However, if you were like me, you probably would never have gotten your precious mod status. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good and the news seems to be posted regulary! :-TU

I might join, if not ill probably be back now and then just to read the news! :slight_smile:

It’s very active, especially when you take into account the fact that the user base is still small. It’s growing steadily though. :slight_smile:

Someone should list me as their referral.
Chiron -- I just did :-TU