Malware test with the new Kaspersky free antivirus

Hello and good day to all aof you , i just wanted to share with you the result from a link test that i made in virtualbox , with the new Kaspersky free antivirus version , versus comodo client security version after runing the same links in
two windows 10 machine one with kav and the other with comodo , in google chrome , and making full scans with both avs kav and comodo , and finaly a full scan with malwarebites , i ´m placing here the results from malwarebites scans for you to see, i did this test has i know , i´m not a professional skiled techie, this is just for curiosity! the text file named malwarebites scan is the result in kasperky systym the second named result is from the comodo system

wow, well done

Hi, what virtual box service is your favourite?