Will someone please take away this very worrying feeling!
Comodo 1.1 scored a “HUGE” 9.2% detection rate in the test.
Top was Fortnet with 94.7%.
I know that sometimes tests do give rather skewed reults, but…!

I can’t speak to their testing, osmodia, but I do know that CAVS 1.1 has limited capabilities, compared to other AVs. CAVS is still under development, and is improving every day. The current Beta is, and is much improved in all respects over 1.1.

I know Melih has stated how many virus definitions CAVS 2.x has, but I cannot remember. It is posted here in the forums, and I want to say it’s over 100,000 (but I could be wrong on that).


This thread also relates to that test.

well, if NOD32 has 42% detection rate… then getting 9% is not bad :slight_smile:
I am not sure what these people use to test… but it does not match all the other tests carried out by the others…


Though this has already been posted in a link that soyabeaner provided, I will post it here for the record.

I have professionally contacted the labs and asked, as a professional and registered exploit testing and malware testing company, how they tested their programs. Their response indicated why many AV's - especially how Kaspersky, which is regarded by many as the best, ranks so low and how AOL Active Virus Shield, based on Kaspersky's definitions, is so high - failed. They were running it using only the installers of the viruses, in a folder called "Viruses", in a sandboxed environment. This poses several problems, mainly the fact that it's not real-world. A lot of AV's will catch the virus as it's being run, or a file placed by the installer as it may not be harmful by itself. Secondly, they would not all be in a single folder. Thirdly, sandboxes, or at least the ones they were using, prevent many things inside from happening. While this is the purpose of a sandbox, it causes many AV's that scan the files to not detect it because of the way the AV's scan it, as the sandbox is preventing. When we have tested CAVS beta 2, last time being about 4 days ago, it ranked at 74%. NOD32 randed a 94%, and Kaspersky a 99.7%. However, we did it in a real-world situation. We cannot recommend you taking any information from that sight with more then half a grain of salt, as they may be one of the most irresponsible testers in the field. We are not saying that by any means that we're right, simply that they are extremely inaccurate.