Malware Research Group

How would I/be able to join the Malware Research Group :slight_smile:

Send Melih a PM.

You also must have a relevant proven work experience in such field? Correct?

How would I/be able to join the Malware Research Group
What make you interested?

If it’s just for uploading, there’s plently of ways to upload besides join MRG. I intentionaly infect myself(in some cases making sure I get part of a botnet for the purposes of getting new malware) so I can study it and upload it directly to comodo. I’m mostly interested in obtaining there source code if possible but thats rare. Since I been here many years ago I’ve uploaded massive amount of malware

Start with a visible track record as submitter of new malware through the usual channels.

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Hello COMODO Team! :wink:

Please provide submit files feature for

Other channels are fine :-TU

If your just interested in uploading suspicious or malware stuff. If this isn’t the reason please explain on what you would like to achive and we’ll point you in the right direction on whatever it is.


cloud based file analysis system that tests user-submitted files with a range of static and dynamic detectors - including heuristics, file look-up and real-time behavior analysis. By using “Valkyrie”, our users quickly gain a verdict on the safety of an unknown file and can help accelerate the identification of zero-day malware.
built as service in the cloud (fancy way of saying online service Smiley ) where you can upload your suspicious files (only executables) and it will get analysed in real time and a report will be generated for your review. In this report it will tell you if it is suspicious or not.
or look at this topic (below) to find other ways

I have always been interested in how virus’s and other types of malware work. I have been looking for classes I could take that could help me learn to remove malware infections.

Malware Research Groups is not a class you can take. People who become members are already experienced in malware hunting. The MRG gives them a bigger playground to report and discuss

chirons articles are pretty dam good

How to Clean An Infected Computer

How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected

There are a few places which provide online training for malware removal, such as Bleeping Computer or Free Malware Removal Forum - community support for infected computers

The training is rather a long process, so not to be started lightly as a lot of people give their time for free.

I know. I was referring to classes I could take in schools like a university