Malware Research Group Project#21

An AV will always be a critical part of an Internet Security package. Novice users will not be able to make the correct decisions about whether to allow or deny. Also, even expert users sometimes make mistakes.



JoWa where did you get that data in order for you to conclude that CIS or any other security product for that matter is looking good?


I didn’t say that CIS (CAV to be correct) looks good. It’s the improvement that looks good, in my opinion. :wink: The data (detection rates) is from MRG Test Archive + their latest test.

Pax. :slight_smile:

Yes, but we are talking about CAV right. However, the source of that data is not what Melih wants. Please refer to:

Consequently, in all fairness, CAV has not made progress that the current MRG Test indirectly claimed it has based upon the results of such a test.


Comodo most definitely needs a strong AV as well because CIS has the possibility to consider the computer clean, Clean PC mode. So less experienced people starting to use CIS need to be sure that the scan during installation does a thorough job. Melih realises this:

But to get a real idea about the protection capabilities of HIPS based firewall solutions like CIS there are of course different ways of testing required. Its neither black nor white.