Malware Research Group Project#21

Malware Research Group Project#21 8)

Not bad.

Those gens need to comeout soon.

Thanks for the link; however, do you know if that test is AMTSO compliant? or was it reviewed and approved by the AMTSO review board? If it is then CIS made a lot of progress; if it was not therefore, the result of such test is meaningless.


I think not. This is all I can find about AMTSO: Tony_Willie_lotus-300×225 – My Blog

I think even Melih would think so. Such a test result if it was not reviewed and approved by the AMTSO review board would mean nothing to Comodo. I’m wondering whether or not they had Comodo’s permission to use CIS as one of their test products. Actually I do not even think so because Melih would never agree for CIS to be tested by a company whose test was not AMTSO compliant after a thorough review by its review board.


Let´s keep this on topic Please

With an increase of half a percent comodo would move near the top. 98.1 percent is great. Good job comodo. I have already convinced my friend to switch from AVG to Comodo. I look forward to 4.0


I really don’t understand this.

Is CIS only the AV part?
Is OA without the FW? And if it is, what is OA doing there since the AV’s engines are not its?
Where do Comodo’s and OnlineArmor’s HIPS come into?

Yes I belive this is just the AV being tested, no HIPS test.

Online Armor probably asked to be on there.

Well, it is bloody ridiculous. What kind of a comparison test is this?



Anyone can test any software they want. They don’t need permission to do so… 88)

Is it just my tired eyes or is Comodo not included on this picture?

Click for larger view. I tried to enlarge it with the BBCode here, but it didn’t seem to work.

(In case they change the image, here is a link to what it is now. Image.)

Edit: It has been corrected.

It is not your tired eyes. It is just a norecomendable reference. As so many others.

I’m not quite sure what you are saying…“As so many others”? I counted 21 results, but only 20 in the picture.

I mean so many other AV comparatives.
And reviewers.
And testers.

What topic my friend, and it is true what I said and I do not want to be repetitive. Such a test is worthless if it’s not approved by the AMTSO review board. Actually it is the nitty gritty of that topic whether you like it or not.


But Comodo as an entity only recognizes tests that are AMTSO approved. Is this one of them?


Vendor approval is NOT a prerequisite of an independant test. If it were, the results would be automatically questionable as reviews would only be done if they met the criteria of the vendor.

I think it’s an error (Comodo missing from the image). Note NOD32’s score on the image, it’s Comodo’s 98.1% score rather than NOD32’s 98.3% on the table and it’s in the wrong position for NOD32. Also, NOD32 is No32 in table.

From their site about Comodo :

We used its Antivirus only with no proactive features turned on, in other words we performed a right-click scan on the sample package.

We are finalizing the presentation, the test will be published today.