Malware on my PC despite COMODO/BOCclena - any thoughts?

I scanned my PC today and found bunch of malware despite COMODO reporting "excellent"protection level. Where and what can i do to prevent this - Any thoughts?

Thank you.

A lot of these threats are tracking cookies or a trojan form of Malware, which means you had to of downloaded and installed the program.

BOClean is a final defense in case your antivirus software fails, and Comodo Firewall doesn’t defend against tracking cookies because cookies are handled by your browser, and Comodo Firewall also cannot stop you from installing malware programs such as Trojans (yet), with version 3 when it is released you will receive popups telling you if a program you’ve installed is doing suspicious and possibly malicious activity with the new HIPS system. Version 2.4 will only alert you about application activity if there is not a rule for the application or if something may have changed (i.e. updates), HIPS in version 3 will be very advanced so you will be much more protected.

Until version 3 is released, I suggest you be careful about the programs you download and keep your antivirus solution up to date.

Also if possible please send these malware samples to Comodo at malwaresubmit [ at ]

There is nothing stunt.

u should haf a gud habit of scanning watever u just downloaded from internet even from a legit site as well as watever dat stick 2 ur comp (hard disk, CD…).

CFP cant do anything since u agree 2 download the things, CBOC havnt done anything here too but wen da trojans execute, it will kill. U should understand their functions.