Malware mistakenly whitelisted. Don't know how to DM the one I've been reporting these to

Hello there! I’ve found more malware that was mistakenly whitelisted.

I don’t know how to open my DMs on this new format.

Hello DrAlrek,

Can you please share the sample or a download link for it? Thank you!

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Can be downloaded there too. There’s a lot of malicious LNK files going around.

Thank you for sharing these, we’ll check them.

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Another one!


It’s in your whitelist database. Big file, almost a gigabyte. How can I send you the sample?

Hi DrAlrek,

These are not whitelited files. If the file is not detected you may post the details here Submit Malware Here To Be Blacklisted - 2022 (NO LIVE MALWARE!), our team will check and blacklist them.


Detection for the first 2 samples has been added and it will be present in the next database update, please try to archive the last sample and give us the download link (you can use Google Drive or any other file-sharing service).

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How do I keep that google drive link private? I don’t want just anyone to see my account on there.