Malware Domains verdicted by WebInspector within last 48 hours

New WebInspector list contains sites which host malicious or suspicious page content and malware files:

Thank you for all your feedbacks which help us to improve the detection technology.

I updated the url to reflect the changes in the product name. Eric

This is a very good list of malware domains!

Welldone guys!


so is there a new version of siteinspector also. it looks like it checks the website for malware aswell

Yes it does

This new version checks for 3 things

1)if the website is malicious
2)if the site has malicious content (eg hosting malware)
3)if the site is blacklisted by other providers

sweet! great to hear. has the comodo team figured out how they are going to implement this into CIS?
this will be an extrememly beneficial layer in the CIS suite

New SiteInspector looks better . :slight_smile:

they are working on it…

ok i just wonder how they are going to do it. DNS… or toolbar… etc?

Thank you Melih and Vadim.

Excellent news for your users.

Really looking forward to see it integrated in CIS.


i just tested this against atleast 50 malicious urls and SI is doing great and is definently on the right path. it found about 85% of the sites maybe a little bit more. When this and valkyrie is implemented into CIS it will be absolutely amazing.

I hope that you clicked “report as malicious”
I use SI very often to test it. Also, i help to improve SI - by working with devs (“working” - :smiley: - sending feedbacks, provide them urls to undetected exploits etc). And here you are. The results. Great work.

for most sites i do report them as malicious. there were a couple i forgot to report.
keep up the great work.

do you know how this is going to be implemented into cis?

No, bur for sure is.
Dragon as well.
Vadim said that SI must be very accurate and very effective before integrated so we can wait a little bit longer.

well thats good they are really working hard at making this the best they can.

it really shows. it does great when i test it.
im sure it will only get better to.
keep up the great work and im happy to help in anyway i can just let me know

I don’t know what’s happening to SiteInspector today. I’ve tried to scan several websites without success. SiteInspector keeps scanning but deliver no verdict.


Hello Boris

We don’t see any waiting tasks in SI queue. Could you please provide us some URLs which you tried to scan?

Yesterday we released a new SI version, so during a few minutes SI didn’t made scan. But no one task wasn’t lost or hang.

Hi Vadim,

SiteInspector works like a charm today. I was maybe too impatient yesterday and exit before verdict because the scanning seemed way longer than usual. My mistake then, I should have awaited a bit longer.

Thank you Vadim for having taken my remark into consideration.


Detection mechanism was been updating.

SI is really accurate and is working extremely well. great job comodo team and everyone that helps to improve it

i just tested it against about 15 malicious urls and SI dected 14 of them. there was one that was considered safe that was hosting malware i reported the site as malware and submitted that piece of malware to be blacklisted.

i can tell you guys are working ■■■■■■■ this. it is now easier to understand the reports and the wording on a lot of things is more clear and understandable.

keep up the great work
it looks about ready for CIS integration. Cant wait!

keep in mind that all of these were 0 day malware links

EDIT: i still have the link that wasnt detected if anyone wants it

Please, add all your feedbacks on SI detection here: