Malware detection and blacklist detection for Websites..sign up for free!

Siteinspector has just launched a new service where it checks your website for malware or any blacklisting.

here are the features

pls let us know your feedback.


I updated the url to reflect changes in the product name. Eric

Great job, Comodo! :-TU

Congrats looks like a great service for anyone with a website. Now we need siteinspector extension for our browsers. Or securedns with siteinspector

Well done :slight_smile: I will spread this around. thanks comodo!

great thank you!

Everyone with a website should register. Because there are many sites that get blacklisted by google etc…and it could all be avoided if they have siteinspector.

I will try it since I have a very simple homepage :slight_smile:

+1 :-TU

Great service.
Congratulations Melih.

sorry for short english. :wink:

connect each other link → red : , green :

Red (Daily BlackList Monitoring) , Green (Daily Malware Scanning)

Why are divided into two service?

i think must include into one service. if indeed, check the desired item.


a’ case. alert listed ‘Daily BlackList Monitoring’ but clean state ‘Daily Malware Scanning’ ??
b’ case. alert for detected malware ‘Daily Malware Scanning’ but no listed ‘Daily BlackList Monitoring’ ??

website manager want know why blcklisted, detected what malicious code.

  1. be maintained site Menu after login

Thank you for your feedback, we’ll work on improvement of interface and functionality.

Initially, we planed to start with free blacklist checking only service, so now we have both. Blacklist checking is faster because it don’t do crawling and analyses of web-content.