Malware coming through?

Hi all

Has anyone noticed an increase in viruses (while small) and spam in the past few months passing through the ASG? We use Exchange filltering for antispam and antivirus aswell as Comodo ASG but it seems to be the only thing standing.

Any ideas? Emails are only permitted at the firewall and at the server to come from the ASG IPs…


What settings do you have in your domain’s configuration under Spam Detection settings for ‘Spam’ and ‘Probable Spam’?


Quarantine enabled: Yes. Days saved: 180
Spam threshold: 0.9. Spam notation:
Probable spam threshold: 0.1. Probable spam notation: [SPAM]
Quarantine response: Rejected.
Notify user about new quarantine message: No.


Drop Spam threshold: 0.9. Spam notation: down to 0.6 or thereabouts. The setting of 0.9 is very high and less restrictive than your domain may need. Remember, the lower the value the stricter ASG becomes, i.e. a value of 0.01 will be super strict and may therefore cause a bunch of false-positives whereas a value of 0.99 will be very permissive and perhaps let lots of gunk through.


I’ve sent you a PM regarding this.

…and I have replied…:slight_smile: