Malware blocked. Everything's fine?

While I was browsing the web a few hours ago, some malicious .exe file tried to install itself on my notebook. I got an alert telling me that the file had been sandboxed, followed by red alerts that malware was found. Shortly thereafter, a GeekBuddy alert popped up noting that a malicious file was on my system and asking me whether I wanted assistance to get rid of it.

Looking at my Defense+ and Antivirus events, it seems to me that Comodo took care of it all (see attachments). The one thing that keeps me wondering is why one of my svchost.exe files was modified, and in one instance the malicious .exe file is listed as the target.

Would one of you be so kind as to take a look at the screenshots and assure me tthat the .exe file wasn’t able to manipulate anything? I’ve since deleted it and two quick scans with Comodo and Malwarebytes indicated that my notebook’s free of malware.

Thanks for yor yor help.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Can you show more of the earlier events by D+?

Apparently one instance of svchost.exe is running sandboxed which means it was started by something that was sandboxed its self. This strikes me as odd because svchost.exe is a protected file both by extension and path. I am curious to see if a bigger piece of the D+ logs tell us more.

When you reboot your computer do you an instance of svchost.exe is still being sandboxed in View Active Process List?