Malicious site

Malicious site, the site is full of malware. Below is the website link:

Please don’t post live malware links on the public boards.

Below is a review of the site by VirusTotal:

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Original URL available via PM

how to do to report the comodo such malicious links? :o

You can use webinspector :

Scan the link and if found malicious it will be added in one day. If it will be find the link clean, you can report it as malicious with a reason.


Hello , first those sites that reported it was somehow to be comodo dectando all because I came to them through stories that came out in the press urging caution when Brazilian users time to enter to download certain software in once did that malicious advertisements present on the google site led the users to malicious sites , as information was available was widely expected that the comodo it was abreast of this news is already monitoring such sites . The comodo needs improvement , and monitoring the Brazilian sites and give more importance to the Brazilian market , it became very clear to me.
I’ve used the service mentioned , but when the sites are not detected automatically , there is a certain delay so noticed to assess the reported sites and some do not know why not enter the blacklist , the service left me a little suspicious and understand that these sites needed quick analysis recori the forum and did not know the policy of the company prefers sites that are omitted or reported otherwise.
Below the link of the article that said, only remembering that similar reports came out in several other channels of online media in Brazil .