Malicious entries

I am running the latest version of CSC on Vista Home Premium SP2. The program found 20 entries that are in the pic below. I have never had malware on my current system, and so what is going on with these entries?

I would recommend NOT deleting those entries. The current version is 2.0.110158.6 and has the scan for those entries removed. The devs thought it would be appropriate to remove that scan for now due to a lot of false positives. You can get the newest version here.

The publishers need to update the main link in the Comodo website! I thought would have the latest version link!

Yeah, there are many complaints about their being behind. Hopefully, they will get it together. Usually the forums get the new versions first. That’s OK, but they still need to issue the new versions sooner on the main site. It’s been out for almost 2 weeks now. :-\

Please be aware of this Windows Update bug.