Hi! I installed guildwars nightfall on my computer, and comodo detected malware MalCrypt.Indus![at]105441913 on install disc. After some googling I think it is a false alert, but I would be sure about it. thanks for answers in advance =). Oh, Every computer I have used the install cd should have been clean, so there should be no malware.

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did you buy the game or did you download a cracked one? I ask because cracked games may contain malware. I helped an other person, that had a cracked game, to remove a trojan. If you have a trojan I recommend to you reformat your complete computer, by reinstalling windows (if you get the option to make a quick formate or complete then choose complete; I don’t know if you use for OS.)

You can always try Kaskpersky’s rescue disk but formatting the harddisk is the best way to ensure that the malware is away.

Please wait for better explanation and information.

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What site did you get the installer from


Where did you download that software?
Pls give me download link,I will check it.

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The game is bought from store. I just thought that if the install disk get infected somehow. But it should be alright, all other virustotals scan engines than comodo reported it to be safe, but JUST in case I like to make it sure, because I’m still guite newb with computers.

then press on ignore :slight_smile: Have fun gaming!


It would be help others if you would submit the file to Comodo.

Follow How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting ! and choose your method.

Happy gaming.

thanks! I submit it.

It would be help others if you would submit the file to Comodo.

I have absolutely the same problem. Even malware name is the same. I bought the game on Steam about 1,5 years ago and had no problem with it until suddenly after game update Comodo started detecting a malware and delete (quarantine) it’s executable

how am i supposed to send the file if Comodo deleting it each time i redownload it? Comodo even deletes this file if i trying to restore it from quarantine and mark as false alert (in that case these options are senseless).

How do i suppose to submit the file?

Hi choomaque,

You can submit the file as false-positive here: Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis


Hello Ionel,

The link you gave is not usable.
Because, page gives error for every upload “Upload Failed: Please try again later!”
CIMA might be more helpful for these days.

Just inform to you,