Making UDP 135 available to a specific program

After a shut down and restart, only one program that has always functioned correctlyh (Robomagic Siftware’s “Socket Watch”…computer time updater) no longer accesses the time servers…gets timed out. Their FAQs says firewall may be block UDP Port 135. So, how do I configure Comodo Firewall to allow full access to that port? I have already uninstalled, restarted, and reinstalled the Socket Watch program. Problem persists. HELP!!! My e-mail,

Do you need the port for incoming or outgoing traffic or for both?

Hi, I think you’ll find that Socket Watch uses UDP on port 123, which is NTP (Network Time Protocol) Port 135 is the Windows Endpoint Mapper or emap and as far as I know, plays no part in maintaining time synchronisation.