Making Alcohol work with CIS [v5] [v6]


Steps to resolve:

  • Add the software installer and the driver installer C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Local Settings\Temp\sptdinst.exe to shellcode/buffer-overflow exceptions. Then run the installer.
  • After complete installation add all the executables (.exe, .dll, .com, .sys, .cmd, .bat files) in the C:\program files\alcohol soft\alcohol 120 directory and all its sub-directories to shellcode/buffer-overflow exceptions. You may need to repeat this exercise if program updates create new executables. Alternatively (less securely, but more proof against updates) add the whole directory
  • Add the C:\program files\alcohol\alcohol120 directory and all its sub-directories (tick include sub-directories) to Trusted Files. This automatically adds all the files file by file so should not be a security risk.
  • Reboot and start Alcohol