Make virtualization optional for the manual sandbox

There are times when i just want to restrict a programs actions and not virtualize it. With the current settings there is no easy way for the user to only apply access restrictions in the manual sandbox so im proposing a checkbox to enable virtualiztion for manually sandboxed apps.

What do you guys think?

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+1. I voted yes.

I voted yes, however I would rather see a “Fully Virtualized” option in the drop-down box. And after that being able to also choose restriction.

I voted no I like just the way it is, fully virtualized on drop-down box by default would be nice instead.

But it’s already fully virtualized by default…

The discussion here is about the manual sandbox, not the automatic sandbox.

ok, but still no

Awesome Idea! :-TU

if it’s full virtualized don’t see the point :wink:

No, that’s not what wasgij6 was getting at at all. He would like the ability to impose restrictions instead of running fully virtualized.

Basically he’s asking for the same amount of control in the manual sandbox that you have with the automatic sandbox.

It would give you the choice to always sandbox an application, but instead of it being run fully virtualized, you could instead always have it run with access restrictions.

So if an application has issues running fully virtualized, you could just limit its access rights instead.

But… that already exists? I can manually sandbox my files as restricted etc, the only thing different in the screenshot is the box for full virtualization.

Edit: Or are these just restrictions on top of a fully virtualized environment?

exactly and with it being a checkbox instead of in the list it will allow the user just select restrictions, virtualization or both restictions and virtualization. If they added virtualization to the list it wouldnt allow the user to select both restrictions and virtualization.

all of the sandbox levels in the manual sandbox will also virtualize so i would like them separate so i can pick one or the other

So where Partially Limited in the Auto-Sandbox means Partially Limited, in the Manual Sandbox it would mean Fully Virtualized + Partially Limited? ← In the current state I mean.


Either I’m blind or it doesn’t say anything about that in the help file or in the GUI, should be added imo.

it probably should. i didnt see anything about virtualization in the help file. It does show it for partially limited in the GUI but none of the other levels say anything about it

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Alright, thanks for explaining the situation.


found it the hard way


(i manually sandboxed ms office )

Ok i see, if i could change my vote, i too will switch to Yes

Hi RealNature,
This is possible with a poll edit, you could ask the OP via PM. :wink:
It is his choice whether or not he would like the poll edited to allow changes.