Make unknown sandboxed files unable to "phone home" [M2160]

  1. What actually happened or you saw:
  1. What you wanted to happen or see:
    Unknown files that are auto-sandboxed are unable to connect to internet. Blocked silently until deemed safe, or possibly get permission from the user.

  2. Why you think it is desirable:
    If a malware connects to it´s command/control server, it will send out information about my system. And possibly download more malware.

  3. Any other information, screenshots etc:



That may be a great security feature as a substitute to the firewall :-TU

I am IN i.e YES


I would like it to work the following way —

Trusted Programs — Allow Connections
Unknown Programs - Allowed by Users i.e “Dont Isolate Again” ---- Allow Connections
Unknown Programs - Running in Sandbox - Block Connections

And offcoz “Option” should be there i.e —
Unknown Programs Connections (Programs Running in Sandbox) — Allow/Block/Ask in Drop Down Menu.

Yes, good options.


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Thanks again.

And, when “Block” selected, there should be an alert like autosandbox alert with an option (Not Recommended “Allow”) on the alert.

To simplify my above points -

I mean, connections should be blocked for “Only programs running in the sandbox” i.e programs running outside sandbox, trusted/user trusted, connections should not be blocked.

Options should be there.
And, if “Block” option is selected, it shouldn’t be a silent block i.e no notification. User should get a notification, could be an alert like autosandbox alert with (program name) connections blocked & option allow connections.

Does the current network control in recent CCAV versions satisfy this wish?