Make the portable! Comodo System Cleaner portable version is not portable!!

You can download here

In this time, CSC portable is not portable. >:-D
It will create and store additional folder and files in your PC although portable version is!
If it is a portable, it will store the setting file including cache in the same folder with application.

At least, you can find them here!

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Does anyone know how we can prevent from this folders!? O0


Really… what’s the problem with a subfolder of the main one?
If it was an independent folder I’ll worry about.

I agree with NANASEA. Portable apps should not make any folders on your system at all. That’s why they are called portable. Revo Uninstaller Portable and JKDefrag Portable run cleanly without making any folders on your system. Hopefully, the Comodo boys will finally be able to accomplish this with version 3.

Well, I see no reason for Comodo not implement that.
Just that I won’t be worried about a subfolder… If you want, delete all the root folder and it’s gone. No further hurt.

The problem of having the settings on the system’s folder is that you have to set up CSC Portable every time you want to use it. The settings folder and cache folder should be contained in the apps own folder. The problem isn’t so much leaving the folders behind, the settings are left behind as well.

Sorry, I cannot follow your meaning…
When will the settings left behind? You just delete the root folder and everything is gone…

The cache and some settings are not stored in the root folder! They are stored in the folders that NANASEA mentioned above (in the %appdata% folders). If you run CSC Portable from a USB drive or a DVD, these folders are created on your system, thus the settings and cache are on the system and not on the USB or DVD. Keep in mind–Portable. It can’t be portable if the settings and cache are left behind. These folders and settings need to stay on the USB or DVD.


These folders are created when CSC runs and they are not in the root directory of CSC Portable.

Oh, sorry. I understand now and fully agree with you.
There is no sense on having an external folder!

They even gave up on the pseudo-portable installer. Really people? Some of us out there want to clean someone else’s computer without leaving stuff on there or letting them keep something they don’t understand how to use.