Make it simpler.

Have been using Comodo since v2 and think its great, thanks for the hard work you’re all putting in.

My suggestion for the next version is to make Comodo simpler. I think its great to have all the options to configure a firewall but would suggest having an “Easy” mode with a simpler interface that comes pre-configured for normal users. An “Expert” mode with all the configuration options would also be available for those who need it. I know there are the 2 options on install but find that even the basic firewall option requires user intervention and although it does work out of the box, it could be made easier.

I think making the firewall simpler would increase the number of people using Comodo, just look at Norton. Yes i despise Norton but by having a simpler more user friendly product, they are the market leader.

Comodo 3.0 is more then just a firewall. Its a firewall with HIPS protection. With the development of HIPS now a days and the protection it provides comes more understanding of how a product worked. I never knew about HIPS or what to do with it but I learned and read the help file system and now I help others. Comodo 3.0 can be overwhelming at first but soon you will get the hang of it.

Thanks for that musi_cal.
the way you can help us by identifying what is “difficult” to you so that we know what we can improve.
can you pls help us by identifying things that you find difficult from installation to alerts etc… so that one by one we can see how we can improve them pls.


I think you misunderstood, I am a fairly advanced computer user and am used to dealing with for example the advanced configuration of a firewall. All i was saying was that I think it would be good to have a simpler interface available for those who aren’t technically minded and don’t want to read the manual.

After installing Comodo it would be handy to have a settings box come up the first time the firewall is started to walk the user through various settings for example defining the users internet browser and email client. It could also be handy to have a visual tutorial here which would explain briefly how to deal with the pop up messages, what the various tabs in the interface do etc. I know that there is a similar tutorial with ZoneAlarm.

Besides having a cut down simpler version of the interface, i can see several areas of that could be improved. Why not call “Network Defence” Firewall and “Proactive Defense” System Defense? Under Proactive Defense there are always files waiting for review, which are almost impossible to define as a great number of them are dll files and the user cant be expected to know what they all relate to. I think some of the firewall and defense settings could be confusing to the average user ie not all users would know what ports are or need to use pre defined rules, they might not know what running processes are or registry keys. You can see where i’m going with this, thats what i mean by having a simple interface option for basic users and an advanced interface similar to the current one for those who need it.

It would be great if the Defense alerts box could actually map a programs exe to the actual program name so that the user would know exactly what program is trying to gain access. This could be done from either a list generated by Comodo or one generated from users feedback. There could be an option on the pop up where the user could type in the name of the program which would be sent to Comodo and compared to other users answers.

Hope this helps.

sorry for the misunderstanding musi_cal.

we take your recommendations on board. pls keep them coming…

thank you